Welcome to Happicamp

I am a Creative Director.

My mission is to help humans make great things for other humans. My role is collaborating with brands seeking to engage massive audiences across multiple platforms. My passion is the intersection between storytelling and strategy.

Recent projects include working with a storied family business in Tennessee making chef-quality cookware, artisans in Chicago who over-engineer handcrafted bags, dreamers in Switzerland who build zero-emission hydrofoil boats, a visionary non-profit on a mission to accelerate the entire electric marine industry, and a passionate British tech journalist living in Tokyo who writes about gadgets and hardware on his Substack publication. I am also working on launching a new micro-media company — but more about that later.

Previously, I was a creative director for Vox Media — a digital-first media organization reaching ~130 million humans monthly. My role was a fusion of many disciplines I'd developed over my career: illustration, photography, art direction, editorial design, writing (features and taglines), videography, voiceover, and creative strategy.

This toolkit made me intimate with the execution behind telling vibrant, authentic, visually oriented stories across disparate platforms.

Today, I am using my well-honed skillset to bring editorial storytelling techniques to mainstream brands. Why? Because every company is now a media company. 

If you're interested in learning more, you can see some of my editorial work for The Verge here, a portfolio of some of my other work here, or send me an email and say hello. 

- James